Because every minute counts, we never stop saving lives. Emergency Department, Jomtien Hospital is ready look after you 24 hours daily. With a team of experienced doctors and personnel who are well-trained for emergency care of patients where acting quickly, safely and efficiently is needed in any emergency situation. Because saving patients from critical conditions is our priority.


Business hours: Open 24 hours daily



  • Providing medical treatments for injured patients, patients with critical conditions requiring emergency care.
  • Minor surgery room: Providing services for minor surgical procedures such as suturing, wound dressing, abscess surgery using local anesthesia with safety standards. Including procedures such as a naso gastric to the stomach, urinary catheter insertion, etc.
  • There are observation rooms for patients who requires intravenous fluids or for certain injections that need to be observed after drug administration.
  • Cleaning service for general and chronic wounds that requires constant care.
  • Providing safe transport services and patient referral for emergency patients.
  • Provide first aid and CPR knowledge for interested parties and external organizations.
  • In case of traffic accident: motorcycle, cars or others, the Compulsory Motor Insurance (CMI) from all types of vehicles can be used without paying in advance.

For more information and doctor appointments, please contact Emergency Department, Jomtien Hospital, Tel. 0 3312 5999