Because women’s health problems is not just the period pain

Born to be a “women” can indeed be very difficult without exaggeratio. Besides, having menstrual cycles which is a big problem for most women there are many conditions, with symptoms that cause women difficulty. OB-GYN Department, Jomtien Hospital understands and recognizes the importance of consultation, recommendation and diagnosis for accurate and safe treatment at affordable prices and no matter which age group you are in our team of medical specialists and our OB-GYN Department is ready to take care of you.


With state of the art medical equipment together with the expertise of the specialists in our OB-GYN Department, Jomtien Hospital can provide the full range of services both obstetrics and gynecology  ranging from health examination, diagnostic investigation and surgery by specialized doctors whether abnormal menstrual symptoms, breast pain, lower abdominal pain during sexual intercourse or in need of a check-up for internal organ abnormalities all provided in a relaxing environment, private and safe.


Not only just treatment but preparation for motherhood too

Becoming a good mother starts from pre-pregnancy. With your dream to have a healthy baby. OB-GYN Department, Jomtien Hospital provides obstetric services to help preparing women who want to become a mother starting from giving advice before pregnancy until the day the baby is born.

  • Pre-pregnancy health check-up
  • Antenatal care, advice and knowledge about self-care during the pregnancy, take care of any abnormality during the pregnancy, preparation before delivery, breast feeding and postnatal care
  • Providing childbirth assistance by OB-GYN specialist and care of the newborn by pediatricians
  • Fetal diagnosis and prenatal care

Gynecology service Check first, for preventable issues and reduce risk of disease

A woman’s body is complicated with current environmental factors causing many diseases for women either from nutrition, lifestyle or just poor health care. Many women ignore abnormal symptoms and leave it too late for treatment. It is so much better to check first to prevent any conditions with gynecology service at OB-GYN Department, Jomtien Hospital to reduce risk of later disease occurrence and prompt treatment immediately.

  • Cervical cancer screening by special testing for HPV virus and HPV vaccination service (2 strains, 4 strains and 9 strains)
  • Pelvic examination and ultrasound to diagnose any abnormality of female internal organs
  • To treat those with gynecology problems and female genital tumors by appropriate surgery
  • Provide consultation on birth control such as medication, injection, intrauterine device, implantation and sterilization
  • Care and counseling for postmenopausal women


Confidential, Safe, and assured at OB-GYN Department, Jomtien Hospital we are willing and commit to international standards provided in our services while considering the best interests of our patients.

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