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It is undeniable that the bones and joints are an integral part of the body, helping to support various organs and needed for balancing. Also helping to hold muscles, joints, tendons and nerves to move normally. As they are all connected inside the body, once injuries occur, they must be treated promptly and safely because getting the right treatment will give you the right result!


For those reasons, we provide a full-range of a highly-skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation physicians, trained nurses and physical therapists team working together with advance technology to keep on the spot, fast and secure at an affordable price and accessible. We cover all ages from bone disease in children to the elderly with degenerative bone and joints.


Orthopedic services and treatments at Jomtien Hospital include blood tests, CT scans, treatment involves injections and medicines, splints, minor surgery, major surgery, replacement surgery and minimally invasive surgery (key-hole surgery) Moreover, Orthopedic Department focuses on working with Rehabilitation Department to provide full service physical therapy treatments with modern medical equipment to bring you back to your normal life.  You can rest assured that you will always receive an effective, safe and timely treatment from the beginning to the end

Comprehensive state-of-the-art care

  • General bone and joint diseases. Provide specific consultation to matching your work and lifestyle  
  • Spine and chronic back pain. Treatment plan will be customized to the individual patient covering non-surgical, interventional treatment and surgical treatments.
  • Foot and Ankle diseases such as chronic pain, over-stretched hamstrings, flat feet or hammer toes. Treatment involves injection and medication or surgical treatments
  • Hip and Knee problems, degenerative bone or inflammation. Provide treatments or replacement surgery with faster recovery resulting in a better Quality of Life.
  • Hand or finger problems from work such as trigger finger or Dupuytrens contracture. Treatment provided with less pain and smaller incisions  
  • Elbow and Shoulder. Services cover all conditions with both acute and chronic pain e.g. dropped shoulders, torn rotator cuff, swelling, and inflammation of the shoulder joints, bone fractures, and arthritis.

Pediatric orthopedics: With a specialized orthopedist, we provide musculoskeletal care for children, paying particular attention to emotional and social conditions. Treatments cover spinal deformities, arm and bone problems, abnormally short legs, clubfoot, and nervous ailments as well as other bone and muscle diseases found in children.


At the Orthopedic Department, Jomtien Hospital. We believe that an accurate and timely diagnosis substantially leads to effective treatment outcomes while minimizing the risks of complications and long-term disability with International standard care and maximum benefits to the patient

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