Child Health Center at Jomtien Hospital provides care based from patient experience from general to specific diseases.

All parents want good health for their children but sometimes this is not what happens in real life.  Many factors can alter their immunity and vulnerability to disease.  With this in mind, parents or guardians need a hospital complying with international standards and providing comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and services for children with reasonable prices.

The Child Health Center, Jomtien Hospital provides a service to treat children from newborn to 14 years of age and offers full range of services covering:

  • General disease in child health
  • Health Assessment and basic child health development consultation
  • Consultation about required vaccines
  • Consultation about how to relate to your children


We are aware that you are concerned for your children, do they need to be vaccinated against future diseases or if they are experiencing ailments, do not be complacent, call for health care assistance and we will be there, ready to help you with our Child Health team. We are as committed to providing care to your children as we are to as our own, and all according to international standards and with health care benefits to patients.

For more information and making an appointment at Child Health Center, please call 0 3312 5999