Providing you with solutions at our Internal Medicine Center

Have you ever had symptoms which a doctor was unable to diagnose? The problems can be solved by our Internal Medicine Center at Jomtien hospital. We understand patient’s needs, wants and concerns, by providing medical care and treatments to patients with even complex diseases, specific diseases or chronic ailments that require continuous follow-up care.

With our specialized teams of physicians who have experience and expertise in accurate diagnosis as well as making treatment plans in addition to providing health screenings and preventive care using advanced medical technology. Our Internal Medicine Center can offer diagnosis, treatment, and consultation on internal medicine, Respiratory disease (Lungs), hematology (blood), infectious diseases etc.

With our specialized teams of physicians, we ensure that our patients receive the best possible healthcare.

Most diseases found in internal medicine require medication as the main form of treatment. In some cases, patients might require an alternative type of treatment. To provide all the solutions, our dedicated physicians, working in concert with our other specialized teams of physicians, medical assistants, patient service representatives, registered nurses and nurse practitioners to ensure that our patients receive the best possible healthcare from the Internal Medical Center at Jomtien Hospital.

If you are feeling unwell, you should seek immediate medical advice from specialized physicians. There are several indicators that can serve as early warning signs of even chronic disease. Do not hesitate to contact our Internal Medicine Center at Jomtien hospital. We are ready to offer you health solutions with our international standard treatments.

For more information of the Internal Medicine Department, Jomtien Hospital, Tel. 0 3312 5999