Whether minor or major surgery, Jomtien Hospital Surgery Department

Disease or illness can happen to anyone and this requires different treatments. Where surgery is needed, both surgical injuries and post-surgery rehabilitation, the patient or patient's relatives will be anxious. With the expertise of the surgical department at Jomtien Hospital and experience in diagnostics and modern equipment according to international standards, you can be sure that you will receive the best service at affordable prices.

Integrated services are provided at our Surgery Department. No matter what symptoms, we are ready to treat you.

If these symptoms occur, do not hesitate to seek medical attention whether it is constipation, diarrhea, blood transfusion, chronic abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, feeling a lump in any part of your body, or other symptoms that make you feel unwell, the Surgery Department at Jomtien Hospital provides a complete range of treatment options as is necessary

  • Gastrointestinal surgery.
  • Thyroid and adrenal gland treatment.
  • Treatment for surgery for nodules of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
  • Treatment of diabetic and chronic wounds.
  • Accident and injury.

We provide abdominal surgery with a laparoscopic method (keyhole surgery). This reduces the pain with smaller surgical incisions, reduces complications and infections, and makes for quicker recovery. 

Major surgery using the operative mini-camera can be used for various operations;

  • Gallbladder surgery
  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Pancreas surgery
  • Small intestine surgery
  • Colon surgery
  • Spleen surgery
  • Adrenal gland surgery
  • Hernia surgery
  • Appendectomy surgery

In addition to the surgery that must be safe, the Surgery Department at Jomtien Hospital is aware of the importance of post-operative care. We therefore have personnel with expertise to provide the required service to take care of the patient until discharge.

For more information and make an appointment, please contact Surgery Department at Jomtien Hospital, tel. 0 3312 5999