Operating room and Anesthetic service

Patient safety is the requirement of Jomtien Hospital. We focus on making our operating rooms sterile and safe in accordance with international standards. We control the temperature, humidity, air pressure, air circulation system, and the filtered air to the operating room to be clean and sterile.  In addition, all equipment is ready to provide a complete service with a team of specialist doctors to perform the surgery, keeping the patient safe from complications.


Operating room

Operating room at Jomtien Hospital is a combined operating room, providing diagnostic and treatment services for all conditions in all areas including General surgery, Orthopedic Surgery (child and adult), Eye surgery, obstetric, gynecological, and laparoscopic surgery.

Anesthesiology services

Anesthesiology services provide a complete range by doctors and anesthetists, from the assessment and preparation of the patient before surgery to the use of local anesthesia or general anesthesia during surgery, as well as taking care of reducing post-operative pain, recovery from anesthesia and when safe to move back to the ward for continued care, or go home for the day surgery cases.


For more information, please contact Operating Room at Jomtien Hospital, tel. 0 3312 5999