an ICU in a time of crisis is peace of mind.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Jomtien Hospital is ready to provide intensive care services to patients in critical conditions. Patients with severe illness or with severe symptoms must be monitored closely to give service in the fastest and safest way.


Because we understand the hope and concern for the people you love. Thus covering all dimensions of confidence to provide you peace of mind in our international standard services.

Confidence in a team of specialized personnel:

  • With a team of experienced doctors and nurses specializing in intensive care 24 hours daily.
  • Medication planning by the pharmacist team together with doctors as needed and appropriate for the disease.
  • Physical Therapists perform a physical assessment for the restoration of physical performance.
  • A customized nutrition supervision by dietician for each patient.

Confidence in maintenance:

  • Treat critical patients with medical conditions. Womb to tomb from infancy to the elderly.
  • Treat critical patients with respiratory conditions and/or using ventilators.
  • Treat patients who need to be observed after orthopedic or gynecology surgery.
  • Treat patients with paralysis or bedridden patients in critical conditions.

Confidence in providing services using international standards:

  • Patients receive fast, safe and efficient medical treatments and diagnosis to minimize preventable complications.
  • Multidisciplinary teams communicate with continuous, accurate, and fast information with a patient-centered focus in order to increase survival chances of the patients.
  • The ward areas are specifically designed for intensive care patients. The critical care ward is designed as a private room to reduce the risk of infection from other patients.
  • Includes standard infection prevention system and a negative pressure room for patients with communicable diseases such as tuberculosis.
  • Contains modern and validated medical equipment available at all times.
  • To obtain patient information, Jomtien Hospital provides an information and counseling room within the ICU area for the relatives, enabling the joint treatment plans privately with doctors and other multidisciplinary teams.

We are ready to provide medical care attentively and caringly

To increase survival chances and enable patients to return to their quality of life as much as possible.

For more information of the Intensive Care Unit, Jomtien Hospital, Tel. 0 3312 5999