Rehabilitation Department
The Rehabilitation Department, Jomtien Hospital is ready for consultation, therapy, treatment and rehabilitation covering all pain syndromes applying international standards while taking into account the best interests of the patients.


Therapy, treatment, and rehabilitation, the heart of the Rehabilitation Department, Jomtien Hospital.

Because some diseases cannot be cured just by using drugs, physical rehabilitation may also be required to be able to cure disease or symptoms to be completely cured to allow the patient to live a normal, and happy life. The main functions of the Rehabilitation Department, Jomtien Hospital is to provide counseling, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation or stimulating development by a team of doctors, rehabilitation nurses, and physical therapists together with modern equipment and technology maintaining the international standards.

All-round physical therapy services covering all symptoms.

Rehabilitation Department, Jomtien Hospital, collaborates with other departments or centers for the maximum benefit of the patients to assess symptoms and develop treatment strategies which may be caused by many reasons, such as an accident resulting in musculoskeletal difficulties, or physical therapy after surgery from various reasons to bring the body back to normal.

The services of the Rehabilitation Department can be classified as:

  • Patients with musculoskeletal conditions that may be caused by an accident or overuse, such as office syndrome or sports injury.
  • Patients in the neurological group producing paralysis, muscle weakness or inability to move the body for a long period of time.
  • Patients having undergone surgery where some of them need to be rehabilitated after surgery, such as heart surgery patients. or having to remain bed-bound for an extended period of time

In addition to treatment, rehabilitation can prevent recurrence. During the treatment,

we will use knowledge of the structure of the body as well as the musculoskeletal system,

and give advice on how to use the muscles or posture in the right way to strengthen the muscles and prevent recurrence.

For more information, contact Rehabilitation Department, Jomtien Hospital Tel. 0 3312 5999